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Sysco-Restaurant Management System

Restaurants in Kenya (including bars, food trucks, and other foodservice business) have unique needs that a regular POS system may not meet. For example, a typical feature is an ingredient-level inventory that lets you track items that make up your menu down to the last pack of garlic. This solves one of the main pain points in running a restaurant: how to do inventory. That’s something you won’t find in a retail POS, which usually count inventory stocks by product and not what comprises it.

Sysco Restaurant is an advanced automated POS software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs, and other Hotel outlets.

We help you and your restaurant reach its true potential by giving you the ability to see a detailed drill-down of your stock, customer records, raw materials and finances. It can even boost your professional impression by integrating an email and SMS system into your business, so that you can be in touch with your customers.

Moreover, we know that success is all about the details, so Sysco Restaurant gives you the ability to manage your own workflow and order types.

The #1 restaurant POS system in Kenya

Sysco Restaurant is the ultimate tool for restaurant management built with your restaurant in mind.

  • Manage restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food counters in real time.
  • Easy billing, table management, orders, recipe, stock.
  • Order taking and Reporting.
  • Increase revenue, streamline operations and delight your guest.
  • Rooms & Bookings.


Plan Lite Standard Enterprise
POS Interface
Inventory Management
Credit Sales
Procurement Management
Multi-store Management
Email & SMS Intergration
Rooms & Bookings
Mpesa Intergration
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